Phase 1

A client survey or forum will be conducted wherein specific questions will be asked that lead to a 'website profile' of the new site. A structured summary of the design issues addressed during the client survey will be distributed to the project team.

Milestones will be mutually scheduled to insure timely submission of deliverables for each phase by Media Arsenal. Deadlines will also be set for the client to deliver content, branded collateral and marketing materials. Technical needs, logistical procedures and back-end integration will also be reviewed at this stage.

The flowchart representing site navigation will be reviewed. At this stage, Media Arsenal will also analyze and streamline the site to minimize the amount of mouse clicks for a typical user to arrive at relevant content. A staging area will be created for the purpose of viewing work in progress, tests, concept designs, etc. The area will be accessible on the Web through a private URL, knowledge of which will be limited strictly to the parties involved.

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