Phase 4

If applicable, page titles, page descriptions and keywords are generated at this time. This process helps Internet search engines and directories (i.e. Yahoo!, MSN, Google, etc.) index the site.

The Design People will thoroughly test the Media Arsenal under different browsers including the latest versions of Internet Explorer, AOL and Netscape Navigator on both PC and Mac platforms.

We develop content and functionality to a lowest common denominator standard of 4.0 or greater browsers with strong considerations for 56.6K dial-up connections. This ensures that your site contains the essential technologies and is accessible to a large audience. The server will go through rigorous testing to ensure application stability and security.

Training for use of the web administration tools, synchronization, or importation of legacy databases and website content as warranted by the proposal is started in this phase. Servers are re-tested for any potential problems. Upon approval, files are uploaded and site is launched. Final sign-off on the site is performed and marketing begins.